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Let it Go, And Move On

“With Time, old thing goes away,

And new ones come along the way” – Dany Solanki.

Yes, it is a dialog, while in reality, moving on from a relationship is one of the most difficult evolution in everyone’s life. But you know folks, what’s the good news is?

“It is possible.”

Interested to know, how it would be?

I can listen, a big YES from your side. But before we move on in this discussion, I want from all of you to close your eyes, and accept that it will be hard, will be more painful, frustrating and annoying for your heart, than all times. You have to accept that healing can take some weeks, months or years maybe, but you have to keep patient and gentle approach to bring the time in your side.

So, should we start?

Of course, here is your first step:-


Let the feelings fly away from the baggage of your heart:-

The very first step, and the hardest among all. As it says clearly, you have to cover up the feelings, means, stop looking at her pictures, stop checking her Facebook profile, and stop trying to be at least her friend, because you don’t have to be, and you can’t be. So, politely let your ex know, you need your space and prefer not to be in contact for the time being.

After it, you have to work on yourself, like stop listening to the romantic music, make yourself busy in some kind of work you love to do, ignore those places which still hold some memories of your relationship, and much more to divert your mind.

But will it all be enough to get over the pain?

Obviously not, second step is right here, waiting for you.


Recognize he/she is not the one for you:-

Yes, it was only me who said you to notice her lovely graces she was passing to conquer your heart, helped you to find, “Is she the one?”

But now the situations and feelings, both are opposite, so instead of noticing her niceness, try to see her faults, those habits you didn’t love at all, and explain to your stupid heart, that she is not the one for you.

But what if, she is just prefect?


Then, maybe you was not the one:-

Folks, truth can’t be loyal every time. It may be possible, that she doesn’t feel such special with you, or she might be searching someone else whom she didn’t find in you even after being with you every moment.

You’re not the ideal match in her thoughts, and if you’re not than you’re not. You can’t force anyone for these. Then? What to do?


Forgive her:-

Yup, be a gentleman, thank her for how far she brought you forward in this journey of life, and accept her feelings, respect her decision she confessed to stop your craziness was increasing every moment, and just try to move on by forgiving her, because it’s not her fault at all. You loved her, not she. And even if she does, then maybe, she realised that it was just an attraction, not that special feel every girl wants with that special boy of her dream.


Know it is ok to still love them:-

You should know it, that Love is never wrong. Because, when someone comes into your life who allows you the opportunity to experience love, gives you a true gift.

But, is recognizing that feeling of love enough to make a relationship work?

I don’t think so…, many other factors and circumstances, such as understandings, actions, efforts, and the choices we make, always play a significant role in a relationship.

So, don’t panic if you’re not seeing the end of love, when moving on from a relationship, and move on to the next step.


Love Yourself More:-

Actually, believing that you deserve to be in a better relationship with someone who shares your values and treats you well requires that you view yourself in a positive light.

For some, it could be hard…, hard to love yourself when someone special was not loving you. But, filling your own heart with negativities, self-doubt, blame, and pain will not be going to help you. So, stop excepting from someone else to treat you better, and start loving yourself NOW.


Meet New People:-

It is very important to spend some time with other people, as it will divert your mind from the negativities, to the inherit goodness in others, and help you to cope with your pain. So, don’t lose any opportunity of getting out with your buddies, in some kind of bar, go out for a movie, and attend parties, because it will give you so much things to focus on, apart from your recent pain. Also it could be possible that…, that…, J


Maybe, someone is out there for you:-

After getting over your negative emotions, whenever you feel like it might be the time to move on, you can try casual dating.

Yes, you read it write, casual means casual, don’t rush into a whole new relationship, don’t look for a new partner, only go out, meet someone, and arrange three-four casual dates to know her better.

Then, find if she is of your type or not, with one of my article, “What’s Your Type?”

And, ensure, “Is She the One”, with another lovable one.

Make Sure, “Is She Also Attracted To You?”

And finally, it will again come to the proposal for you, “How to Propose a Girl?”


Okay, that’s it!!! From finding your type to booking a place in her heart, from pain and rejection to some kisses, happiness, romantic nights, and evenings, it is the cycle of love, which hopefully I tried to explain, and share it with you.

So next week, there will be new category, new cycle, and much more fun in the articles. Till that, keep reading, subscribes by filling your email in the sidebar form, to get all of my updates to stay cool, be happy and keep the India clean J

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    September 8, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    Banna This one is Damn Good yaar ✌😘😘

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      Dany Solanki
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      Thank you for the appreciation, and the valuable time you gave to this article 🙂

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    Sunirmal Das
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    Cool, man this is what i was looking for,

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