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Is She The One?

Then, should I assume that you have found your type, searched that princess among thousands of fairies around? Is she in your class? Or a neighbour? Can be your colleague? By the way, whoever she is, is it sure that she is the one? Don’t confuse, but at least take it to the next level.

I know, after finding your type, after staring her as bold as brass, you approached her, firstly on social media, viewed her profile hundred times, downloaded her pics, and finally, let’s assume that you have sent her a request. Did she accept? Obviously, if she knows you, then she would have. Now? You chatted? Or just deleted every message you typed in the sent box. It’s okay, nervousness is a good sign, helpful to insure that she is the one, or maybe it can only be in your behaviour.

Let’s have one more assumption for your worthy steps, and it’s a big one, the so-called friendship. Did you have it? I know you don’t want to be friend zoned, but remember, everything starts with the friendship which used to be the foundation of a strong relationship, and if it is not, then the chemistry you talked about, will vanish soon. UFFF, let’s leave the negativities behind, and talked about the girl, you used to talk, chat or roam with. Discuss, is she really the one, who deserves the Rosses you are hiding behind?

Take it easy, like the last one, we will also figure it out.

Here are some heading, subheading, after reading whom, if your heart feels a knock, then believe me folks, She Is The One.

So, should we begin? Obviously,



Everything Starts From Morning :-

When sleep frees you, when you were just going to kiss her and your mom wakes you up, then did you check her messages, or just smile after reading the last late night chat with her, whether read her What’s App status, or just start your day by liking her new Facebook post. If yes, then you should give it a try. Go, and say her, but what? And how? Thinking??? Don’t, just keep reading.



Then The First Meet Happens, After A Lonely Night :-

Yeah, after spending the last night with her dreams, when you both meet in a new morning where the venue can be class, office, the same metro, or that bus stop where you saw her first time, talked the first time, exchanged phone numbers, and email ids.

Again today, you reached at 8:00 even your bus timing could be 9:00 or 9:30, just to add some more minutes or seconds in the conversation with her. But she is not here, so what? you waiting, noticing beautiful cars are passing by, that sudden, your eyes spot on the girl of your type, who passed a smile from a distance like every morning, and walked to you, at the bus stop where you’re standing:-

She – Hey,

But you don’t reply, maybe thinking, how can anyone be so beautiful?

She – Where you lost?

When her palms move in front of your shameless eyes to make them blink, you come to know that, still you have to add some wonderful moments in your boring life with this conversation, “Hello”

She – How’s you?

You – Fine, and you looking fresher than this morning,

She blushes like every time, and the conversation continues till her bus’s horn doesn’t interrupt.

Then like always, she passes a silent smile, and going to step inside, but this time…,

Yup, this time you have to do whatever I am telling, if you had the above conversation every day.

“Hey”, stop her, was climbing up, in the bus, while the rest people entered inside to capture a seat, even when they are going to get down at the next stop.

“Yes?” she enquires, straight looking into your eyes.

“Ummmm, what you doing tonight?”

“Why”, then smiles.

“I mean, we can go to dinner or maybe a movie. Whatever you like”, while you speak, she only stares your nervousness, your eyes were running away, then by only smiling, she went inside, and again the bus took off.



What If She Stayed With You, Whole Day:-

No need to smile foolishly, the one who went away in that bus was different. Here the situation and condition, both change.

I am talking about the girl who can be your class fellow or colleague, I mean you stare her when you go for a drink break, you talked to her, even by knowing that everyone there was trying to have a conversation with that beautiful girl, sometimes behave as a stupid, ready to do everything for returning her smile back in her sadness, when your boss just scolded her for not completing the project before the deadline.

This way the whole day spent, actually you made it spend only by staring her, observing every expression, every emotion of that girl.

Then in the evenings, when she first stare you, while you were busy in packing your bags, and suddenly when you come to notice, she shifts her eyes away, and walked outside the office like always.

But again, Yeah again, it’s time for a change in her daily routine, so run, and stop her, before she books a taxi and leaves.

Then, as that boy said to the girl who rode on bus, you should say the same, “Are you free tonight”

“Yes”, she smiles by caressing her hair behind.

“Can we go to a dinner? I mean…”

She thinks, “Yeah, you can pick me up from my place just after an hour”

“Okay”, while you control your laughs and just pass a silent smile, an auto stop beside, “madam, kha jaana h?”,

Saala isko bhi, abhi hi aana tha”, you growl, but without worrying about it, she sat inside, and wave her creamy palms to say, “See You Soon”



The Last Meet Of One More Day, But Make It Special :-

Yup, after tapering the whole day from professors’ long and boring lectures, after frustrating from stoppers of your boss, when you get your alone time at the end of the day, even you desire it to spend with that gorgeous girl, like after seeing her, all the fatigue of whole day will vanish somewhere.

Should I hope that, you are on dinner, having the most gorgeous girl beside. Then? Are you eating silently? Dumbass, at least say something!!!

Okay, just ask, “How your day was?”

What if she asks you the first? Then just share it, she will love who doesn’t hide his personality, who should fully be your own person around her, can laugh with total abandon without feeling weird. And they can do the same with you. If it is not happening, then think again, with whom you are? Because, finding the one you love is about finding someone who will love and accept you for who you are. You’ll grow together, change together, and just be together without any reservations.

So in the talks, hope you finished the dinner, paid the bill. It could be you or she, doesn’t matter, but as you asked her for dinner, so tonight you should pay. Then walked outside, on those wet roads, were still perfuming by the rain has stopped a few minutes before.

Remember, she will prefer to walk, to share her thoughts, her day, her emotions, but don’t want to book an AC cab or auto, to arrive at home and leave your loving company soon. But after all, it ends, as you were walking with the time,



Before She Says Goodbye, You’ll Already Start Missing Her :-

In front of her home, if you’ll crave her as soon as you say goodbye, and will constantly be looking ahead to your next fix, then believe me dear, SHE IS THE ONE.

The one, who’s everything is perfect, even if not, then also you are in love with her faults and mistakes. The one, without whom you can’t assume your life, your day, your evenings. Basically, nothing will be here, if she’ll not. If I talk about myself, then She Is The One, who is meaning, rhyme, feel, lines, and paragraphs of my words. These Blogs, poems, and the novel I’m writing, is never possible without her love.

So, this is all, how you can distinguish between girls you hook up with, and those you get hooked on. Understood???

But wait…

Don’t propose. These words were only to insure the one in which you’re interested.

But is she also attracted to you? We will figure it out in my next blog.

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