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Is She Also Attracted To You?

“Ummm”, stop staring her, and look at me, I have lots to say. So here is the thing:-

Hopefully, now its confirm that she is the one, the one who is of your type, by seeing whose smile you can kill your whole day, in whose eyes, heart wants to dip, to walk some more moments with her on those infinite roads. She is the one, with whom going on shopping doesn’t feel like irritation. However, you always find an excuse to spend some more time with her, to listen those meaningless talks again and again. Then what’s the problem?

The problem is to find, is she also attracted to you?

Don’t know? It’s okay, because till I am here, no one can stop the progress of love stories around.

How was the dialogue? But seriously, if you wanna sort it out then, we should start one more discussion, to know what she felt about you. Does her heart also beats faster when you come closer, her breaths lose their regularities, and nowadays, are your dreams disturbing her sleep?

It’s okay, if sleep breaks up, then you should wake up, be ready and go to the same bus stop or class, where a meet and some talks with her, have included in your daily routines.


The first talk of the day

As the heading said, you say your first Hello of the day, and she also sat beside to extend that conversation, “Hey, you came so late today”, means she was waiting for you, obviously a great sign, then notice –


The position of her body,

the more she’s facing you, the more likely she is to be interested. And the more she’s facing away, the more she has her mind on other things or…, maybe she was only doing it just to overcome the nervousness.

Now she seeks attention, caress her hair behind to force you to praise her beauty and innocence, and why not? She gave you the time of the day,


Does she look at you, longer than necessary?

So, do the talks continue? Great, but, is she looking you in the eye, checking you out while you’re speaking? Don’t worry. She’s interested in what you have to say. Now your job is to keep her interested.

After making lots of eye contacts, does she ask lots of personal questions, and never hesitate to share her secrets with you. Whenever you talk about a random girl in your office, and the way boss scolded her today, she only warns you off that girl.


Does sometimes she blush?

Because when a woman is attracted to you, she very well might blush. This can either be because attraction makes body temperature rise or due to the stress of being attracted to a guy. Does she also touches you sometimes, maybe a tap on the hand, or knock your arms on some funny jokes. Then, dude you are on the right track.


Does she want to seem similar to you?

When at the dinner also, she started to order food of your choices, this belief goes stronger as she sometimes makes it clear that she is single and available, while you notice the vocals, and their change when she talks you, are they become sweeter or lovelier when she walks with you in a wonderful evening. If yes, believe me boss, she is definitely showing some interest in you.


The good bye feelings

Sudden you realise that she was trying to extend that time of togetherness, but how long she could do? Finally, when sadness of her eyes also compromises before the sands falling, you both wave your hands, “Bye”, but she is not in the mood of going, just staring you by standing at the door itself. Then like every time, when both of your hearts control the desires, she walks in, and you too, towards your place.


She calls, or text you first

The person whom you said bye, just before fifteen minutes, now texted you first. CONGRATULATIONS!!! It’s a very good sign. Not only once, whenever she sees you online, uses to find ridiculous excuses to contact you, interested to know about how was your day spent however you both had discussed it an hour before, to start a new topic when you don’t have one to extended the conversation as maybe, she loves talking to you. Sometimes, she calls you two three times in a day without any reason, and chat till late night even if she have a pending presentation for tomorrow’s morning.

And when you don’t go to office or class, whatever your place is, the thing which matters is her call, now is on your phone after wasting half an hour by looking at your empty desk,

She asks you the reason, and if you say, “its fever”, then maybe she can take a leave just to take care of her so call friend.

But if her khadus boss rejects the application of leave, she calls you in every hour of the day, just to ask about your wellness. After 5:00pm, when she come at your place without even resting for a second to vanish the tiredness of whole day, behaves as your mom, like she put a wet cloth on your head, fight with you when you refuse to drink that haldi waala dudh.

Okay, no more romanticism, because if I will go deeper, then it will be hard to stop me, will be hard to find an end of this beautiful blog. But now, it ends.

So, tell me your opinion, and maybe some suggestions, your stories, in the comment box below, believe me, I will love to know your thoughts.

It all, was formalities, now let’s have some usable talks, like if she is attracted to you, and obviously you also can’t wait to be in the relationship with that special girl of your type, then what will be the next step? The TOUGHEST among all.

Yup, you got it right, it’s time to propose her, but how? Will be my next article for all the lovers around. And for the remaining population, I just want to say that, “go, find your type, and fall in love, because it will be the most beautiful feeling, adventurous experience and unforgettable memories of your life.

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