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How To Propose A Girl?

Finally, the proposal, haan??? Okay, don’t need to think twice, do not delay, just go and propose her right away.

Actually saying it too easy, but when you will go for it, exhaled to overcome the nervousness, your breaths will unbalance. When you will try to explain to your heart that she is just a girl, it will start to beat faster, and after dealing with the thoughts, finally when you will call her, while she would be stepping inside her house, she will turn, but you will able to say anything except, “I Love You.”

“If you can’t propose a girl, Nothing you can do in life”, a well saying, from my upcoming novel, i knew WE WILL MEET.

After all of your fail tries of proposing her, if sometimes you was also scolded by the above sentence, then believe me folks, you have to read this, 


Proposal according to the type:-

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is, you need to propose the girl according to the type, according to her personality and nature. You should not copy anyone’s style or ask suggestions from your friends, because they are of your age and have no experience of dealing with the girls in such a sensitive matter.

But what if you haven’t found your type yet? Don’t worry, just go back to my first ever article, “What’s Your Type?”


Be Yourself :-

As I had already discussed in, “Is She The One?” that she will love who don’t hide his personality, who should fully be your own person around her.

So the second tip is to be yourself. Means, never ever try to overdo anything, which may spoil your castle.

Make it somewhat special and sweet even while keeping it simple, because behaving in the natural way, can lead everything to get along smoothly and comfortably.


Make Special Plans

Plans??? Does they really work? Does anything go same as you think? Hahaha…, I don’t think so.

Still we didn’t stop planning, and if you’re also…, then like always, it’s my duty to help you out. So here are some, which used to run in my devil mind.

  • Go on a romantic dinner? Make her feel special by ordering her favourite dishes, and remaining can be done by the proposal, by those magical words, with the background music which should be from her favourites.

  • You can take her to that place where you met for the first time and recreate the same environment, which will make her recall everything, generates some positive vibes which will be helpful when you will propose her. She will definitely get moved and say yes. Fingers crossed…
  • Drive her to the beach at sunset, and say those words which arrived at your lips lots of times before, but never dared to come out.

  • You can go to the spot where both of you wanted to, the place you like very much. And follow the beats of your heart, ask her to dance on your nervous breaths, and just say it. Say it by bending on your one knee, holding her soft palm…, have you watched in the films??? Don’t you? Go and, just do the same.
  • Or the gifts. It can be a beautiful watch, a charm bracelet, some red roses or a ring which will make her think the same what you are planning to say. Clearly saw your intentions by looking straight into her gorgeous eyes, and ask her, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’

And Lots of more ways could be in your worthless plans, like, the proposal on the special day, The Valentine’s Day, or after watching a romantic movie when your feelings used to be at the top of the world, venue can be the same theatre, a picnic spot or a beautiful park.

You can say it my wearing a T-Shirt with the caption, “I Love You”, when it will be tough to confess the feelings of your heart, a way for an Introvert.

It can also be said with the help of lots of romantic shows running on FM Stations. Or by dropping your heart, actually that ring in her coffee. You can also stick the banners at the places which are in her daily routines, like a coffee shop, or that book in the library which she is currently reading.

UFF…, Is It enough??? Because now my pockets are empty, I have put all the ideas, I ever thought to say those words to the girl I loved.

But does the plan matter???

Obviously, it can be, however what about the word you will speak, the way you deliver you proposal will also be mattered equally.


Choice Of Words :-

I know, nothing used to be in your control when you will be saying the ultimate words, your lips speak what your heart is crooning.

I bet, they never ever listen to the mind.

Still, “insaan ka kartvya hota h kosis krna”, so we should be trying. But how???

It’s simple to practice at home before going on the field, combine the thoughts of mind with the feeling of heart, then edit them till they become somewhat good to leave an impression on her heart.

But I bet, she will smile, when a nervous boy will be saying all this by looking around, avoiding himself from losing back in her eyes somewhere. Still, the smile is a good sign, can ensure a kiss after the proposal.

So, have you made the plan A? For backup, do you also have the plan B? Have you selected some words you will say to make her yours to write some interesting days in this life. Then what? Go, and propose her, but don’t forget to tell me about your experiences, and other ways you attempted to make that proposal very special like her, in the comment box below.

But…, what if she will not accept? What if she will need more time to know you completely? What if, she didn’t see her prince charming in you? What if, it was just a misunderstanding which forced you to think that she is also attracted to you? And what if, she didn’t think about it yet?

It’s okay, don’t lose hope, because I am preparing my next article for those lovers wanted to attract the girl who didn’t accept their proposal yet.

So keep reading, keep sharing your stories with me, about your first love, first proposal, first fight, and much more, because I am here, just to read your story to include them in my articles. So, just share, whatever you have in your pocket, and be happy.

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