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Get The Girl Who Rejected You

Rejected??? Don’t panic too much, you are not alone. We’ve all been there, and those were not, are the luckiest persons in this entire world.

So, before I would start to fire some tips like always, be sad, cry, weep, and do whatever you can, to feel somewhat batter.

Yes boy, you have rejected, so…,


Be sad for a little while –

We all know that, getting rejected always hurts, and it’s normal to feel bad about it. But most of us usually try to suppress feelings and disappointment, instead of allowing ourselves to get them out of it.

So I advise you to give some time to your stupid heart to come out from her illusion. Then, if it will seem too hard, if she is the one, who is more than anything, despite the odds being against you, then read on, to get the girl who rejected you.


Be Polite, and stop chasing her –

First, you have to be polite, even if she wasn’t behaving as well as she could. Second, stop chasing her, stop stoking, and bagging. I know folks, these all are the tries to make her understand what you actually feel. But by expressing your feeling again and again, you’ll come across as desperate, needy, or just plain arrogant, and none of these increase your chances of landing the girl.

So what I mean is you absolutely must stop actively pursuing her. Back off but don’t remove yourself entirely from the scene, give her space, and some time to develop a new appreciation of who you are and who you could be in her life, but also appear occasionally to keep yourself alive in her thoughts, but how??? Continue to scroll down, you will find the answer.


Get Over The Rejection –

Is it easy? I don’t think so…, but things will get more serious with the time if you will not overcome it now. I know it’s a huge deal for your heart, then…? Let’s try to divert it, Watch a movie, go outside and walk or ride your bike, I mean do anything you enjoy and just keep yourself busy.

What I wanna say is, to focus on being a friend of the same girl who rejected you, you have to get over the rejection. You have the right to move on the next step, only if you have deal with the heart break.


Approach Her –

Yup, I could see that stupid smile back on your face. But you have to plan first, how you meet? What you say? And much more…,

Should I give an advice?

Okay, so plan an accidental meet whether you know everything about it. Like pass on the same way, at the same time, which is in her daily routines. Go on the same coffee shop where she used to, in the launch break from her office. And blabla…

Then, are you only staring her eyes, were still upset from you? Don’t do it man, shift them away, and allow your lips to say something, but don’t talk about that proposal and the rejection, “hey”

She would pass a fake smile, or reply too, “hey”

Ask her to sit somewhere, if you have met in the café, or some restaurant, then tell her about your life, about how actually it is good, try to show that you have moved on, and looking forward to what comes next in the life.

Finished the coffee, go out with her, and when she say, “bye”, again with the fake smile, instead of stopping her, you should plan the next surprisingly meet after a week or two, not on the next day stupid. I know you can’t control to see her, but if you wanna get her back in your life, then you have to follow the rules


But Hide your real motives –

Don’t show your real intentions, stick to boundaries when talking to her, control your heart who may be planning to come out, and say, “friendship gai Tel lene , I just want to hold you in my arms.” Because if she realizes you have other motives, she might think twice about being your friend too.


Try To Know Her –

Last time, your story reached to the proposal, it clearly means, she seemed like your type, attracted to you, which was not true. So try to know her more, analyse her talks, and topics she used to discuss about, in the conversation with you. If you still didn’t find a clue, then read my article, “is she also attracted to you?”, right now.


Planned with the interest she expresses in you –

It may be possible that after being your friend for a while, she may start feeling for you as well. Then what you supposed to do? Don’t make any more advances until she expresses interest in you, until she clears the real motives of her damn gorgeous flirty eyes, because this could ruin the friendship you’ve been working so hard to cultivate.




But…, okay let me ask this bloody question, “what if she still ignores you, behaves as much rude as she could, and scolds you on your every lovely try to pull her closer”, then believe me brother, you are with a wrong person. Yes, she might be of your type, might be the one you think you need in your life to make it somewhat batter, but from my advice, she is the reason who could waste your life. Because a person who can disrespect your feelings, can do anything worse with you.

So…, what to do???

Dude, just move on, because I am coming with my next article to say, FUCK OFF, to that girl who scuffed your feelings again and again, who didn’t understand your love, care and support you give on her every not so good acts.

Till that, try yourself to come out from the illusion of her dense hair, curves of her red lips and from those eyes where you wanted to lose, to get some relief.

See you soon 🙂

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    Pradhuman Singh Solanki negarh
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      Dany Solanki
      September 3, 2017 at 10:19 pm

      Pleasure to Hear, God bless you 🙂

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    packers and movers Gurgaon
    September 16, 2017 at 1:45 pm

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      Dany Solanki
      September 18, 2017 at 9:27 am

      Hope it will help you to Get the girl of your dreams 🙂

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